Best Web Series On Viu

Viu provides the newest premium Korean dramas, selection shows, and alternative Asian programs anytime anyplace for gratis. Viu is Hong Kong primarily based video streaming supplier. Web series are nowadays trending everywhere. You might be looking for best web series that you can watch on your free time. Viu is the best option for free web series.

So here your search ends we are here with some of the best web series on viu. Although they are from 2017 to 2019 but worth the watch and also still at the top of the list.

Best Web Series On viu

1- Gehraiyaan

Cast: Sanjeeda Sheikh, Vatsal Sheth, Meherzan Mazda, Vidur Anand

It is directed by Sidhant Sachdev. it’s a romance that unfolds between a 26-year-old man of science Reyna Kapoor, at a Bombay hospital, and her Dr. friend Shekhar, amidst mysterious and dark occurrences in her house.

2- It Happened in Hong Kong

Cast: Aahana Kumar, Amol Parashar

It happened in Hong Kong could be a mini internet series out there on Viu that explores the little huge moments that happen after you travel and open up to new experiences as well as meeting strangers. The drama-romance and comedy series could be a story of 2 strangers, Amol and Ahana. This series brings love within the air feel. It additionally includes the expertise of traveling and meeting new individuals. It happened in port the journey of getting the most effective a part of life. Ahana and Amol met one another at a visit to port, and so they fall enamored with one another.

Does it carry a bunch of queries adore it has any Ending or not? can they meet once more in life or not?

3- Truth or Tamanna

Cast: Priyansh  Jora, Abhitesh Khajuria, Vrushika Mehta

Truth or Tammanah may be a drama-thriller-romance net series on Viu. The series is regarding Tammanah and Dhruv, they each love one another and as -a traditional couple they need to pay their life along. They set to travel to London so the mystery happens. At the aerodrome, Tammanah disappears, and Dhruv tries a great deal to seek out her however he couldn’t. He had done him all effort to visualize her, and therefore the whole series revolves round the investigation of Tammanah only for a solution.

Interesting! The stimulating result can interest you a lot of. it’ll cause you to have faith in wherever she gone and what happened to her?

4- Social

Cast: Rana Duggubatti, Navin Kasturia

Social is drama and heroic tale hindi internet series accessible on Viu. Social is largely on the technology we have a tendency to are exploitation right away.  The series stars amphibian genus Duggubatti as Vikram Sampat, a technical school bourgeois, created a colossal social media movement to search out a lady. As they were making an attempt to search out all skills to catch the lady, one day, the girl’s brother found one thing on her social media account. the items created him shocked, and it had been ir-realistic.

Based on the wonderful and adverse impact of technology on a personality’s being, this series are a best and informative issue to you. Watch it once. It’s tenth on the list of Viu Indian Hindi internet Series.

5- I Can You Can

Cast: Millind Soman

Viu internet series set to grant some totally different content to the globe. I are you able to will could be a drama-thriller and traveling internet series that stars Millind Soman nerve agent beside 3 friends.  This six-episode internet series is totally different from different internet series out there. it’s a journey of 4 folks to Mt. Everest. within the tour, they visit several places like Lukla to Pakding to Jorsale wherever they found new friends. They walk along for hours and hours.

This internet series is such superbly created, and if you like nature, then it’ll cause you to crazy and say only one word, WOW!

6- Love, Lust, and Confusion

Cast: Ankit Bathla, Rajat Barmecha, Saptrishi Ghosh, Tara Alisha Berry, Madhurima Roy, Mona Mathew, Nandinii Sen

Viu’s newest series Love Lust Confusion explores the perplexity of the period of time generation. The series centers on Poroma Sarkar UN agency is engaged already. Since her bride-to-be goes abroad for a year for work purpose, she decides to own some fun in life.

7- Memories

Cast: Priyal Gaur, Madan Joshi, Surleen Kaur, Rohit Roy

This Viu indian web arrangement is brimming with dramatization spine chiller and sentiment. The substance is about a celebrated and drifting stay Siddartha on the news channel ‘India Now.’ Along with his being eminent character, he has likewise had surprising superpowers. Siddhartha favored with the superpower where he could know any dead body’s recollections it is possible that they are fortunate or unfortunate. He had the option to see a dead body’s life like a film and numerous recollections like privileged insights, the explanation behind death, their insider facts, and so forth by contacting them.

The superpower encourages police to explain the puzzle of any one’s passing.

The invigorating impact and stories will intrigue you a great deal, and the manner in which scenes made, it will build your interest. We recommend you watch this arrangement once! It’s twelfth on the rundown of Viu Indian Hindi Web Series.

8- Kaushiki

Cast: Namit Das, Shayni Gupta, Omkar Kapoor

Kaushiki is a dramatization sentiment and spine chiller web arrangement accessible on Viu. Kaushiki spins around the account of a gathering of companions who need to darker insider facts, and they imagine themselves as their life never turns out badly, and they were consuming their time on earth cheerful and thoughtlessly. However, inside every one of them, there were a few slip-ups and laments that can demolish their life one only one second. This show shows the genuine face among fellowship, sentiment, and love.

9- My Girlfriend’s Secret

Cast: Ashwin Kakamanu, Aswath Chandrasekar, Shrikrishna Dayal, Abhishek Vinod, Praveen Muthurangan, Hariish CK, Sunaina Yella, Gabrella Sellus,Misha Ghoshal, Shira Gaarg, Anupama Kumar

Om Prakash, a tattoo creative person, sets up his own tattoo studio along side his assistants, Thomas and Poonkodi, in An eerie previous house. That night, Om is attacked by a lamia, UN agency happens to be his school mate ‘Nila’.

10- Situationship

Cast: Khushboo Kankan, Shruti Pathak, Gaurav Sharma

Viu’s newest series Love Lust Confusion explores the perplexity of the period of time generation. The series centers on Poroma Sarkar UN agency is engaged already. Since her bride-to-be goes abroad for a year for work purpose, she decides to own some fun in life.

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