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Tips to Help Your Hair Color Last Longer

Looking for different ways and tips to help your hair color last longer for many months.

We routinely go through a decent piece of cash to get impeccable hair shading—and afterward, it blurs before we get the chance to appreciate it! The most spending plan well-disposed hair shading is the caring we can make last the longest, and there are heaps of stunts to extend the shading and prevent it from changing so rapidly. So here we share tips to help your hair color last longer.

The most effective method to make your hair color last longer

  1. Stay away from hot showers.
  2. High temp water doesn’t just dry out your skin; it can diminish the life of your hair shading
  3. Try not to overuse hot tools
  4. Hold up to wash your hair as long as could be expected under the circumstances
  5. Try a shower filter
  6. Prep your hair before coloring
  7. Use a thermal protectant
  8. Profound condition less

DIY Tips & Tricks For Hair:

– Blend hardly any drops of rosemary oil with coconut oil and use it for a scalp knead


– Blend aloe vera gel, amla oil and coconut oil to fix harm hair

Tips tips to help your hair color last longer

  • Change your regular shampoo from a sulfate-free one
  • Turn down the heat
  • Make Mondays air-dry days
  • Shampoo a little less
  • SPF a little more
  • Save your scalp

Do’s And Don’ts :

  • Washing hair too early after hair shading can influence your hair and the shading will blur soon
  • In the wake of shading, hold up an entire 72 hrs before shampooing
  • Use without sulfate cleanser and conditioner
  • Add color to your conditioner
  • Turn down water temperature while shampooing
  •  Wash hair less frequently

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